Bomb Shelter Comedy Festival

Bomb Shelter Comedy is celebrating their 1 year anniversary with the 1st Annual Bomb Shelter Comedy Festival, April 12th-15th.

Location: Gaf West (401 W. 48th Street)
Dates: April 12th-15th
Showtimes: Wed/Thurs: 8pm  Fri/Sat: 9pm
Cover: $5-$10 (depending on show)

Wednesday (4/12) - Futures Comedy Contest ($5 Cover)

8 of the top comedy newcomers will battle it out it out to see who is the future King of Bomb Shelter Comedy Stage.  They also win Money, Stage Time & Respect.  

Best 6 minute set wins based on the crowd voting and 2 judges.

Line up: Gordy McNiff, Jamie Lerner, Sean Copeland, Katharyn Henson, Nick Brigis, Amanda Griffin, Anish Mitra and Sal LoPizzo

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Thursday (4/13) - The Headliner Showcase ($10 Cover)

Bomb Shelter Comedy invites their favorite headliners from the past year to all perform on one badass showcase!

Line up: Mark Normand, Marina Franklin, Anthony DeVito, Sean Lynch

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Friday (4/14) - The Storytellers & Video Shorts Showcase ($5 Cover)

There is nothing better than a good story or Short Film!  Bomb Shelter Comedy invites some of the best storytelling comedians and short film creators for an unforgettable evening of crazy stories and hilarious shorts.

Line up: Scott Sharp, Angela Cobb, Jeff Simmermon, Allie Del Franco, Ron Barba, Jeff Cerulli and Tyler Fisher

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Saturday (4/15) - Bomb Shelter Comedy Show ($5 Cover)

Bomb Shelter Comedy celebrates their 1 year anniversary with a comedy showcase featuring their favorite comedians that have performed on the BSC in the past year.

Line up: Will Mars, Chris Murphy, Glenn Cohen, Matt Azark, Erik Bransteen, Jeff Cerulli, Andrew Lee

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