Bomb Shelter Comedy Festival 2018

April 19th - 21st - All Shows at 9PM

Bomb Shelter Comedy, a weekly stand-up comedy show, is celebrating their 2 year anniversary with the 2nd Annual Bomb Shelter Comedy Festival.  We will be hosting 3 different shows in 3 nights at the Gaf West.  Thursday April 19th we will invite our favorite headliners to perform on the Headliner Showcase; Friday April 20th we are inviting the hottest up & coming comedians to battle it out for the Bomb Shelter Comedy belt in a Comedy Contest; the final show on April 21st will be a Q&A Stand-up Comedy Show where the audience gets the opportunity to ask ridiculous questions to the comedians.

Location: Gaf West (401 W. 48th Street)
Dates: April 19th-21st
Showtimes: All Shows at 9pm
Cover: $10 (Includes souvenir mug that gets you $3 Bud Lights)

Thursday (4/19) - The Headliner Showcase ($10 Cover)

Bomb Shelter Comedy invites their favorite headliners from the past year to all perform on one badass showcase!

Line up: TBD

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Friday (4/20) - Bomb Shelter Comedy Contest

8 of the hottest up & coming comedians will battle it out for the Bomb Shelter Comedy Championship Belt, Money, Stage Time and the Respect of every comic on the planet!

Best 6 minute set wins based on the crowd voting and 2 judges.

Line up: Gordy McNiff, Katharyn Henson, Nick Brigis, Olga Namer, Stephen Lewis, Vanetta Schoefield, Brian Kim, Cassandra Noel and Sal LoPizzo

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Saturday (4/21) - Question & Answer Show

Each comedian will do a 10 minute set, 5 of which will be questions from the audience.  The audience will write out 5 questions each and put them into a bowl.  Audience members will randomly pull out a question out of the bowl that they must ask the comedian.

Line up: Tyler Richardson, Von Decarlo, TJ Del Reno, Krishna Reddy, Austin Rogers, Erik Bransteen, Jeff Cerulli, Matt Azark & more!

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